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Career burnout is real, but finding balance is difficult.

Through video and/or text coaching sessions, I help you establish limits at work to gain work-life balance, long-term career success... and freedom!

Dear Leaders,

You need people to make your business work.

To get people to perform at their highest potential, you need healthy work relationships  - aka, they must feel valued and respected.

In order to establish healthy work relationships while also getting the business results you need, you must create a safe and positive team climate.

Let me show you how.


Why work with GreatHER coaching?

Practical, honest advice from a coach with personal and professional experience.
Learn how to set limits with your energy and time to gain a healthy work-life balance.
Affordable, convenient, and all online.

About GreatHER Career Coaching

I work with women who are:

  • In leadership and/or management positions

  • Established in a career or industry

  • Transitioning into an entirely new career path

  •  Looking for their first career / position after graduating from college

  • Incredibly busy in general and wear multiple hats (moms, entrepreneurs, working multiple jobs, etc.)

On topics like:

  • Creating safe emotional working environments to enhance team trust and drive business results

  • Establishing boundaries for teams in remote or hybrid working 

  • Communicating personal boundaries to bosses and colleagues to gain balance and avoid burnout

  • Organizing your time to meet work goals & personal needs

The GreatHER Career Coaching Process


personal needs and core values that are important for your work boundaries


roadblocks and fears preventing you from setting limits at your job


personalized strategies at work to protect your time, energy and health


and experience the freedom and balance from your new boundaries

What will coaching do for you?

Coaching requires accountability, honesty, determination and consistency. However, the benefits are life-changing. 

Improve work-life balance

Prioritizing the activities, people and things that matter most

Increase confidence

Using work boundaries that align with your personal and core values


Better decision making

Deciding which "yes" is worth your time and energy and most aligned with your goals

Enhance self-awareness

Connecting you to who you are and whom you want to become

Drive business results

Developing leadership boundaries enables you to gain employee trust and deliver results

Pricing & Plans

I want to empower and support your professional goals. Ultimately, coaching will enable you to set the limits you need and help you become the professional you've always wanted to be. Get started with GreatHER Coaching today!


Starting at

$110 / Month

One-to-one Career Coaching

Private, online video sessions

unlimited texting with your coach

personalized resources

Meet the Lead Coach
Jessica Tucker, M. Ed

I'm a mama, coach, and tech professional with 10 years of experience passionate about unlocking the power and purpose of young people to make the world a better place.

Over the years I've supported clients through various stages of life, and understand the challenges that come with being a woman in the workforce, engaging in authentic and meaningful relationships, and discovering work-life balance.

I believe in the deep power of empathy, meeting people where they are at, and engaging in powerful discussions. I'm here to empower you to believe in who you are and who you want to become. 


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